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All ES cells EuMMCR delivers to customers passed a set of quality control tests. Read more...

Unfortunately, we have to announce that the EuMMCR service will be terminated at the end of the year 2024 due to lack of funding. Therefore, we are unable to accept any new orders from first of April this year.
Industrial Operators: you can now order EUCOMM/EUCOMMTOOLS conditional knockout ES cells at genOway.
EUCOMM/EUCOMMTools targeting vectors suitable for CRISPR-assisted targeting: search for genes | read our publication
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Clone Number Reduced
The clone number was reduced to fit the number of available clones of the selected mutation type [].
We offer the following materials:
There are multiple mutation types available at EuMMCR: Get more information on mutation types.
You can order between 1 and 5 clones per gene.

Note: As a highly experimental resource there is NO WARRANTY or GUARANTY that the offered clones and vectors are suitable for any purpose.
You may receive germline transmission from our clones although this might also depend on the targeted region, but you may not expect to do so if you order only one clone. We recommend to order 3 clones.

For more information, click here.
With Extra Vials you get more volume of ES cells.
Thus, you can apply your own QC on one Vial while the other one is still frozen.
Our QC does not include Chromosome Counting by default.
If you don't want to do this by yourself, you can order the Chromosome Counting here.
You can choose here your preferred clones from a list of all available clones.
Note: We cannot guarantee that we can deliver all ES cell clones you select here. With of our well-established quality control there is always the risk that a clone may fail, and we don't want to send you those clones.
You can choose between a final and intermediate vector.
Read more about the vectors
You can specify here which vector you want to have.
Note: We cannot guarantee that we can deliver the vector you specify here. We only provide you full positive qc vectors.
If you want to get a specific cassette together with your intermediate vector, please select it here.
Get more information about the available cassettes.
If you want to get a specific backbone together with your intermediate vector, please select it here.
Get more information about the available backbones.
We offer a set of different wild type cell lines. You can specify your favorite cell line here.
Learn more about the cell lines.