Welcome to the EuMMCR - European Mouse Mutant Cell Repository

EuMMCR unit is one of the ES cell distribution units of the Helmholtz Zentrum München Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Gesundheit und Umwelt (GmbH) in Munich, Germany. The EuMMCR unit distributes material arising within the EUCOMM consortium. read more...

EuMMCR service will be terminated

Unfortunately, we have to announce that the EuMMCR service will be terminated at the end of the year 2024 due to lack of funding. Therefore, we are unable to accept any new orders from first of April this year.

Material available for profit organizations

The EuMMCR is very proud to announce that we can distribute from now on all conditional targeting vectors and mouse embryonic knockout stem cells (ES-cells) with or without conditional potential for profit organizations also.

Cre ES cell lines available at EuMMCR

In addition to the gene targeting knockout ES cells, Cre Driver ES cell lines have been generated in the EUCOMMTOOLS program. By crossing with EUCOMM/EUCOMMTOOLS knockout mouse lines, the Cre Driver lines allow users to create conditional mutations that are activated in distinct cell types, tissues or time points, or mutations that are activated through administration of a drug.
Most of the Cre Driver ES cell lines are generated by the EGFP-CreERT2 Knock-in strategy.
Cre Driver Cassette with EGFP-CreERT2

At EuMMCR, we have developed quality control strategies to make the Cre ES cell lines produced by the CREATE (coordination of resources for conditional expression of mutated mouse alleles) available for the public.

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EUCOMM/EUCOMMTools targeting vectors suitable for CRISPR-assisted targeting:
IKMC targeting vectors of almost 13.000 genes do have a small intronic deletion of at least 10 bp at the 3' loxP site. This enables the design of guide RNAs that target genomic DNA at that location without cleaving the targeting vector.
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Read our publication to get more information.
EUCOMM/EUCOMMTools Production and Distribution as Video:
We are very proud to present our daily work to you with these videos. Just watch:
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Mutant ES Cells

Mutant ES Cells

Ready for the generation of conditional knock-out mice.

Final Vectors

Final Vectors

Final targeting vectors are designed to generate conditional gene mutations.

Intermediate Vectors

Intermediate Vectors

Intermediate vectors are building blocks for user-specific vector designs.